Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Changing of an Age

An age begins with the birth of ideas. New ideals enter the collective consciousness, and new possibilities of living and relating begin to emerge. New social structures are seeded, to later take shape as social institutions. Discoveries in different areas-economic, scientific, or social-emerge to gradually have widespread effects.

What is born at the beginning of an age creates an evolution in civilization. In the early phases the energies are youthful. They are new and fresh-vital and alive. The ideas ad understandings are in a "pure" form. They are often idealistic-perhaps not yet realistic-but they speak of possibilities that move us.

Over times these ideas crystallize into established thought and behavioral patterns, and into social organizations and institutions. Toward the end of the age, the ideas have become fixtures of the civilization. foundational structures upon which the next age will be built. Each age makes its contribution to the evolutionary process, to be built upon by the succeeding age.

There is a metaphor in the East ...The cycle of the ages is called the Wheel of Dharma. The Wheel gets an initiating impulse that spins every 2,160 years. Gradually the Wheel runs down. Things get sluggish and stagnant, crystallized and rigid. Then the next zodiacal sign comes in at the beginning of the next age. The Wheel is again spun. There is a new impulse, bringing new ideas and life to initiate new developments in culture and civilization.

We are now in the moment when the Wheel of Dharma is getting its initiating impulse. New ideas and ideals are pouring into the human sphere from the inner planes. New capacities are emerging within the human psyche. New inventions in all walks of life are being discovered.

Thoughts and feelings, social values and mores, and institutions and organizations, have become heavy and dense. Thought the Piscean energies are withdrawing and diminishing, the crystallized forms or shells if these energies remain large and still posses great momentum. The Wheel that is being spun has to break free of the Old that holds it, as it is breaking up and cracking. Ad with all things living, though, the Old holds on to what is known and fights to keep its place. 

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