Saturday, April 26, 2014

Those Eyes In My Dreams

And once again, your eyes opened in my dreams, waking me from reality, or at least what I think that was...your face remains blurry, your glance keeps calling me, and I just follow them, like I'm hypnotized, like I'm floating...

When the oceans were painted from above, droplets spilled to form what your eyes are today, those I see in my dreams, where I hope to drown someday, not expecting to be saved, unless that salvation requires a gentle awakening by the touch of your lips...

Maybe I've seen you already, cause the feeling is there everyday, searching for those stranger's eyes that try to guide me somewhere I still don't know. Persistent is the feeling while I think I'm awake, sometimes I think I see you everywhere...I'll just wait to be sure, or to catch you on my dreams...maybe is better to know you're just there...for me, than out there for someone else.

So I still can't picture your face, not even a little bit...but what keeps me wondering, even if this is not real, is why the sad look? I guess that's the strongest reason why I keep following you while dreaming (and searching for you while awake), cause I can't imagine someone causing you pain, not to those eyes, not to that tender presence so privileged to be able to look through them every day.

I really hope I can get closer to you today, or tomorrow, whether in my dreams or in "real" life, so I can dry your tears, that never should've fallen, wrap you in my arms and never let you go, not again.

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The Changing of an Age

An age begins with the birth of ideas. New ideals enter the collective consciousness, and new possibilities of living and relating begin to emerge. New social structures are seeded, to later take shape as social institutions. Discoveries in different areas-economic, scientific, or social-emerge to gradually have widespread effects.

What is born at the beginning of an age creates an evolution in civilization. In the early phases the energies are youthful. They are new and fresh-vital and alive. The ideas ad understandings are in a "pure" form. They are often idealistic-perhaps not yet realistic-but they speak of possibilities that move us.

Over times these ideas crystallize into established thought and behavioral patterns, and into social organizations and institutions. Toward the end of the age, the ideas have become fixtures of the civilization. foundational structures upon which the next age will be built. Each age makes its contribution to the evolutionary process, to be built upon by the succeeding age.

There is a metaphor in the East ...The cycle of the ages is called the Wheel of Dharma. The Wheel gets an initiating impulse that spins every 2,160 years. Gradually the Wheel runs down. Things get sluggish and stagnant, crystallized and rigid. Then the next zodiacal sign comes in at the beginning of the next age. The Wheel is again spun. There is a new impulse, bringing new ideas and life to initiate new developments in culture and civilization.

We are now in the moment when the Wheel of Dharma is getting its initiating impulse. New ideas and ideals are pouring into the human sphere from the inner planes. New capacities are emerging within the human psyche. New inventions in all walks of life are being discovered.

Thoughts and feelings, social values and mores, and institutions and organizations, have become heavy and dense. Thought the Piscean energies are withdrawing and diminishing, the crystallized forms or shells if these energies remain large and still posses great momentum. The Wheel that is being spun has to break free of the Old that holds it, as it is breaking up and cracking. Ad with all things living, though, the Old holds on to what is known and fights to keep its place. 

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Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Bad manners or just a part of canadian culture??

There's soooooo many good things about this country, much more than bad things, but talking about good things is boring, maybe next time.

I come from Southamerica, Chile. I am going to generalize here a little bit cause I actually don't know every country in the south, but I'm pretty sure that Chile is not the exception at all. Actually, if I think about it, most of Europe, and because I just said southamerica and not latinamerica, I am also including Mexico (I know its in northamerica btw) cause I have very good friends from there and I know how it is (I've been to Mexico too), so maybe this happens just Canada and USA???

I am talking about saying "hello" and "goodbye" when you enter and leave somewhere, a store, the office at work (which is mainly why I am writing this), saying "good morning" to the bus driver, and "thank you" when you get off, the same thing when you're getting a coffee (and I know that's like a drug to people here), please when you ask for something. leave you seat to the elders and pregnant women at the bus (I think I shouldn't even be saying this, it´s so obvious for me at least, and there's fkn signs everywhere asking you to do some of this things).

There are so many things that I don't even know where to start from. I think saying good morning, hello, hey, hi, whatever, it has to be an education thing. And I am not even asking to kiss you on the cheek like we always do (even when is a stranger), and also in Europe. Is just 1 word, 2 words at the most. If the case is that you don't want to say it, at least you can say it back when people with better manners say it to you. Am I actually very wrong here??? It took me probably like 4 months to get used to the fact that, no matter the day or the person, they just don't say hello unless you step in front of them and say it to them. Sad thing is that I got use to that, and now I am doing the same thing. How many times you say hello to someone that never says it back?? I actually say "see ya" very loud to make sure they all hear me, and so when they don't say it back, they know how rude they are. Some of this things happened to me, others to a friend, and most latinamericans I've met here say the same thing. They are not bad people, they just don't do that specific thing unless you say it to their faces.

This one is kind of funny for me cause I do it to, specially when my mom is around, but I do it to bug her. Burp and then say "excuse me". Ok, so we burp too right, is natural, but if you force it, why the hell you say excuse me. you did it on purpose, it didn't came out naturally, so stupid. And no matter if there's a woman there, a granny, doesn't matter. When we do it we say excuse me but because we didn't meant that to happen, and we are not gonna keep doing it every 5 minutes and just fix it with an excuse me right's a little bit cinical.

Some people could say, "oh, maybe is where you work", and NO, cause I've work in more than 2 places, different cities, and it happens everywhere. Of course I am not saying everybody does it, I am saying general.

And what's that about spitting everywhere you walk??, we have an animal called "Guanaco", he spits, as part of his nature. same thing for you people??? 

I guess that they're very cold people, some say it's because of the weather...I don't know. I hope you tell me. Anyways, I am used to this already, of course I don't do these things, and I am very far to start doing even one.

Go Canada !!  Still better than Chile in a lot of things....I am just talking about the people., just being honest
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