Saturday, April 26, 2014

Those Eyes In My Dreams

And once again, your eyes opened in my dreams, waking me from reality, or at least what I think that was...your face remains blurry, your glance keeps calling me, and I just follow them, like I'm hypnotized, like I'm floating...

When the oceans were painted from above, droplets spilled to form what your eyes are today, those I see in my dreams, where I hope to drown someday, not expecting to be saved, unless that salvation requires a gentle awakening by the touch of your lips...

Maybe I've seen you already, cause the feeling is there everyday, searching for those stranger's eyes that try to guide me somewhere I still don't know. Persistent is the feeling while I think I'm awake, sometimes I think I see you everywhere...I'll just wait to be sure, or to catch you on my dreams...maybe is better to know you're just there...for me, than out there for someone else.

So I still can't picture your face, not even a little bit...but what keeps me wondering, even if this is not real, is why the sad look? I guess that's the strongest reason why I keep following you while dreaming (and searching for you while awake), cause I can't imagine someone causing you pain, not to those eyes, not to that tender presence so privileged to be able to look through them every day.

I really hope I can get closer to you today, or tomorrow, whether in my dreams or in "real" life, so I can dry your tears, that never should've fallen, wrap you in my arms and never let you go, not again.

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