Sunday, June 1, 2014


Where did my inspiration go? Are you gone forever?, are you just hiding somewhere so I have to put a little more effort to get you back?

I used to have you every day, whenever I wanted you were there, you were mine. You were the air I breathed, the wind that hit and made your hair dance, sometimes mine too, waving the branches of the trees, making that special particular sound, like a dryad singing...the clapping castanets, some of them gently and softly falling, doing their waltz...and then the cease of it, complete silence, complete stillness.

Sometimes in the mornings, along the day, and at night specially...staring at me, talking to my deepest feelings, shaking and waking them up, taking over, like a possession, a good one though...just letting go for some minutes, hours most of the time, but without noticing...just to be aware of a slight part of it, when you were already gone...small twinkling, flirty bright millions of beings, connecting and linking in such a way, too hard to describe with regular human words...

That presence that kept me warm for years, in my dreams I still think I feel it close, but sadly is nothing but a dream, untouchable, unreachable...just gone. Surrounded by cold now, something that seemed so unreal in the past, is the main master of the real dream, that some so wrongly call life.

I really hope to have you again, feel you again...close my eyes and ascend, fly with the angels, run with the fairies, breathe the cosmic energy that only a few privileged can still enjoy in their lives...maybe I came to the wrong place, maybe I'm surrounded by the wrong people, maybe I'm having the wrong attitude...A couple of days ago it felt just right, I could transport to feelings ago, you came to visit, for 5 minutes...I was enough to make my day happier...

Seven, is it really necessary for me to explain? Could the reason for you to abandon me be the growing collective consciousness, faith, spiritual awakening and enlightenment, this awareness that before I didn't even consider possible..? Development of the intuition, inner wisdom, psychic abilities, all the mysticism completely ignored, due to the influence of higher (not so higher now huh) powers, the non-conformism, the look for something better and doable, so impossible to others, not for me...maybe that should be my inspiration now, I just it comes.
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