Sunday, November 2, 2014

Raise Your Voice Hope

I watched a documentary about Victor Jara last night, and today I listen to his music. Being a Chilean I should perhaps learn about his story, but I admit to have been blind and deaf about that past of which I was not a direct part of, though my parents were (I remembered you with the song "Luchín"), and I possibly lived the reflexes wounds in them, without realizing it at the time. The atrocities experienced in Chile, starting with September 11, 1973 (yes, we had one 911 too, and funny thing it involves USA again, very sad) the Coup, where our own army (with funding. planning and support from the government of Richard Nixon with his Secretary of State Henry Kissinger) attacked and killed our president, (Salvador Allende) attacked, tortured and killed our own citizens (more than 30.000 victims, between tortured and executed prisoners, thousands of kids, thousands of raped women), and every other expressive and brave daredevils who simply said what they thought and expressed it in the best way they knew. Among them was Victor Jara, singing to life... "The Right To Live In Peace"

But this writing is not about politics as it has never been a topic in my life, but it is totally about the right of expression, and more than the right to do so, it is about the desire to do it... because no one can silence you if you do not allow them. To say what you think and feel, without actually censor yourself by thinking about the implications, is to be honest with yourself, and not edit yourself along the lines of what is right according to a protocol to be followed, or to the prevailing culture or time in which we live. Many who do this are sometimes called troublemakers, rebels and extremists, and I happily accept that label, if by that they mean not to be silent with what you believe is right, what you think is our right to live better, what really keeps us alive.

Each of these rebels as they call them (for going against the system and not follow the masses) are responsible for the change that many live and enjoy today, without have been an acting part of these events, but getting on the train victory when everything was safe. And it makes no sense to keep living on our participation or absence of what happened in our past, there’s much more in start moving the trains in our times, without the fear of getting hit by bullets of oppression, that try to silence our voices and actions, which those tyrants who these days enjoy of power, know that will change the world.

There are many means of expression today, many more than much more what is allowed to do, and yet many remain silent because of fear, fear of ridicule, of not feeling the blood asking for a purer flow, and of knowing that there will always be others willing to speak out, even though they remain sitting and waiting. Then what more comfortable and safe than to wait for others to do so, to build that change, and then just enjoy it, without having to be at any risk? And in life there are actors and there is an audience. Perhaps for this reason is that many think "me changing will not change the world"...and when there are so many who think that way, that's precisely the reason why the changes take so long to arrive. If a thousand drops of water were to fill the cup, 999 would not be enough, and only 1 more drop would make a difference. As well as the first drop touching the bottom of that cup is the driving force behind this whole movement.

Hopefully many are those who sing it, draw it, act it, write it and speak need to go on a strike, or a violent protest to bring create a change, but it is valid. I write it, and I share it to be read by those who have forgotten or are not aware of it.

Think about this just for a few moments. They always say that we must make a change so that our children and grandchildren can enjoy it in the future...and that is simply stated because there is no confidence that the change will happen fast. But that depends only on how many actors want to join to this change of mind, and on how many from the audience are willing to leave the stationary comfort that keeps them observing and waiting for the change to occur, sometimes seen as a miracle, just for that lack of action. That change could also be enjoyed by us, and not just by the future generations, if all were willing to push the cart. And if you're thinking this is not going to happen, then you did not understand the meaning of this writing.

Be The Change!!
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