Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Migration Of The Butterflies

I was aware that the butterflies would leave their home at some point, though the length of their stay on the place that welcomed them, that still remains a mystery. Butterflies are cold blooded animals, so they need of warm places to survive, and obviously also need food to keep his soul afloat.

An atmosphere of love, affection, expression, concern, freedom, etc., will not always be sufficient for the butterflies to stay around, they also need the food, those flowers, that nectar to choose to stay in that home. Sometimes it is not easy to achieve, competition will always be great, but the details are what make the difference. Much heat is not ideal, it is suffocating, they are short of breath, losing fluids, and everything is heavier and denser. If it's too cold the wings will not move, that desire of wanting to fly won't even exist, there's no energy, and the heat that makes the body move, the one that makes you feel comfortable. So it is not that easy, as it must be a balance, which is often not so simple to provide.

Feeding the soul is another thing, which should complement the above, but must be the perfect complement for the butterflies to stay forever, and decide not to fly any day looking for another home to give them what they need. Nectar is what gives them vitality, giving them life, the desire of never abandon ... Why leave if you have enough food to live a lifetime? If this becomes scarce, then the need to explore other habitats appears. And is not a coincidence that their food is the flowers, and the great admiration for them in our beautiful and beloved women.

Do not neglect your princess, because that's how you should treat her, regardless of whether you are just starting to court her or if you are already many years together, the flame must always be kept alive and in constant motion. Obviously this is necessary on both sides, but I speak from the side of men and their treatment to women. The world is a constant competition ... show your charms in every possible way, but do it only when you find that person who deserves it, there is nothing wrong in showing feelings, it is a human characteristic to think that one is weaker for being sensitive and emotional. The courting process should never stop, always keep a little mystery alive, surprise, creativity, and do new things. Be intense and passionate if that person makes you feel you want to show it, have no fear, the worst that can happen is that you make a mistake, and that your feelings are not received in the way you expect, but at least you tried. If you don't try you will never know what it might have been. It's up to you to keep the butterflies flying and circling forever, so they do not leave halfway...
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