Tuesday, February 3, 2015

...And the next morning I woke up on Earth

This time I will not dwell too much on this "story" that I definitely have to write in parts.
…And that's how I still remember it to the present day, a strange, alien (foreign), and painful awakening. And to open your eyes and look around, and not having a familiar feeling, not feel an attachment or a connection like that you felt just the day before, from there back ... to not feel that it is a very awkward feeling. You feel lost, different from the rest, and I don’t mean only different from other beings that inhabit the environment, but also to the same environment, the kind of relationship and interaction, communication (if it exists), form of expression, and so on.

Difficult to understand for example, that human animals, being considered (by themselves) the most evolved in all the Animal Kingdom, have so primitive behaviors that fully demonstrate the opposite to the meaning of evolution. I remember before waking up in this place that wars were not an everyday thing, not something as simple to carry out ... they were always the last resort, as they extinguished civilizations and ended with complete races, sometimes even planets. But as I believe I understand, now they occur for irrelevant reasons most of the time, it's the easiest resource, and obviously those who create them do not care about how many lives can be lost in the process, they only care about the outcome (money and power, nor even survival), regardless of the consequences. What happened to respect and love for the other inhabitants of this planet?

I remember we solve these problems through something called communication, which as I see here is becoming increasingly scarce. They even invent new "technologies" (social networks) “meant” to bring people closer, and what they do best is to keep them even further away ... they bring closer those who are far away and make those who are close to be more disconnected (less personal and intimate). I also understand that before being so evolved, communication was much more personal, there were letters, phone calls, and personal conversation. Now it is email (if they still write personally and do not copy and paste from a single email sent by millions of people), text messages, and photo sharing. I have even witnessed how people being in the same physical place prefer to send each other messages than talk. Interaction and face-to-face communication is lost, so sad.
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