Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Only One

You gave me water and heat, when I was just a seed, took care of me like no one, even before you can feel I could move. Is this an instinct that males do not understand? Could it be that we become physically merged, but more strongly than that, blood and visceral fusion, or just love ... ?The truth is that I can not dimension it, hopefully one day I can come to understand that incredible sacrifice, leaving their daily lives for years, to become supermom. I think it must be one of the positive events that completely change the life of a person, and I think that is true, when moms say, nobody understands us like them. I lived inside of you for 9 months, you went through so many new things happening to your body, internally and externally, and then you had to go through all my childhood process, and we all know we are not easy when we are little, some of us until today :). Not even to mention that you had to go through birth, and all subsequent steps that change a woman's life. 

There's so much to write and express that it won't fit on this letter, which is addressed to all the moms of the world, those who are happily pregnant, those who just delivered and are happily with family, for those that are raising their children as single mothers (applause for them), those that have lost their children (only physically, because our soul will be close to yours), and for those who left to their second life and are no longer with their children (who will be forever grateful, and I hope they can communicate with their souls like I already mentioned), especially for my dear mother, crazy mom, Gabriela Olave, that I miss so much, I really did not think that it was gonna be this much, but I finally realize. 

I think that like everything in life, it doesn't matter how many times they repeat to you the same thing, one and only one has to comprehend it, because that is the time when your soul has really learned. I'm learning slowly, it took me a while, and I appreciate that I still have my Ma. Those who still have them with you, please enjoy them and spend as much time as you can with them, as if you were not to get another chance ... those who  parted ways from their moms, I think they should not force anything, and at some point a window will open so you can make up for that lost time. Those who have lost their moms, I have to say that the physical part is just the outside ... all the essence, the soul, what really matters, is still there, but you must learn to grasp, receive, believe in it ... some see it as that little angel that's always protecting you, the light that shines in your life, etc ... but do not think that communication no longer exists ... that tie NEVER ends.

Now, for the children who fight with their moms (like me now and when I was a children  ;) ), the time will also come to stop fighting. I wish that they didn't do it with rage, because rage uses many words that you don't really mean and you just use to hurt the other, and then come the regrets, and it is only a waste of time, because at the time they are apart, the only thing they both want is to be back together ... pride is a hard barrier to pass ... but love is stronger, look inside to find the weapons.

I say goodbye now, I could write much more, but is not my idea to bore you. Many hugs and kisses to all the Supermoms in the world, of all races and species, the ones that are with us and those who are already walking with the stars... they all went through the same process, all made us feel happy, and they are all responsible for bringing us into this life ... maybe in the next life the task will be ours, and we would finally understand what's to be a mom ...
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