Sunday, October 12, 2014

Soul Mates

Just a couple months since we met, like two air streams with different courses, and at that very moment they decide to follow their paths together. We know that together are amazing, united by love we are invincible, merged into passionate kisses no one can break us apart. And there’s nothing else for egotistical forces that just to observe our joy and gratitude for this life we're just beginning ... our story is written with passion.

Optimistic waiting for your call every day, several times a day, even now I'm waiting for you to get back from your brief stint in the air and decide to call so we can hear each other for hours, because we still do not have the luck to be physically present in the same space. Space that will witness avalanches of hugs and caresses of all kinds. I will flood you with kisses on your beautiful neck... I do not know how you will do to keep me away from this beauty...maybe just by letting me go down your body, drawing your curves and contour with my tongue, my lips. That space will know that there was released the most intense battles, your body against mine...battle that ended in a hug releasing purity drops, eroticism drops, infinite love.

Vividly open your eyes at times to connect with mine...I already watch you for some time, and it is difficult to escape the hypnosis of your sensual, innocent, seductive movements…without wanting to be. Could contemplate you for hours and hours, until time whip me fiercely and make me take the long awaited trip, felt in deep...that trip that hopefully will not end soon, but if this happens, we have our lives ahead to make it a thousand times more. Passengers without tickets from judgmental eyes that we closed without fear, only by showing what we know how to do, what we want to do to each other, again and again...hold me cause I'm on your side, and I am not leaving from the most precious home I start to build.

Eager trembling hands touching you completely…you kissing my fingers, with your tongue my shoulders... and I slide through your back to reach its end, to begin that massage that you will enjoy so much, I promise. That beauty of legs you have, and my hands have the privilege to stroke them, by the contour, and even more by the inside of your thighs, very intensely, until I get to that point where they join and the paradise begins, my cherished paradise.

Unbelievable sensations, smelling your body, from top to bottom, from the outside in, taking all the time necessary in each season of this exquisite trip, I fall in love more and more simply because you exist beside me, and transport me to the world I was waiting for so long, perhaps even before I was born as who I am now. That world where we can live without time, your world...our world. We will inhabit that world where the Universe and Nature will be proud of their beautiful creation, what a great couple they have formed…and couple in our eyes, because in the eyes of the Creators we are already merged as one...each with their qualities, but united in one body, a fusion of souls...soul mates.
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