Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Be The Change

Did it ever happen that you can express yourself very fluently, either through written, audible words, or any kind of art, but without knowing where it comes from, at a level that you are amazed of what you just said or did? That's what I want to write about today after some recess...we'll see if those words today can flow from the inside in that way often unknown and unexpected...

Recently I was commenting to a friend about this "gift" as she calls it, of having such ease of connecting with your "inner self" with your oceans of wisdom that cover the foundations of your life, your soul. This knowledge is not just for some, although it often seems to be, reason why it is called "gift" or "special skill." And if we think that we are not all the same or do not have the same abilities or qualities of expression in our lives, then it would be correct to classify some things and people as "special". Bottom line is, we all woke up to the world in the same way, and feeling the same as any other being... opening our eyes, regardless of race or species...just took our first breath, opened our eyes, and looked for our mother (I love you ma). It is in the process which comes after those initial minutes of life where these changes that will shape our lives manifest.

We are all born with the same tools, but not all of us are aware of how to put them to good use, sometimes don't even know that these tools exist...until we wake up. After that awakening in our birth, after that first eye opening experience, sadly our eyes close again, and we live that way for a long time....this is the time that varies from person to person, and is conditioned gigantically by our environment, the people around us and our own thirst for knowledge, both internal and external. Over time I have learned that everyone has their own biological clock....which is not only to tell a woman when to become a mother, as many think...this clock has an alarm that wakes us up at the time we are ready to start feeding ourselves from that infinite wisdom. It is not easy for those already awakened not to show the keys of that internal library to the world, but sometimes you have to understand that the rest is not ready, their alarm has still not awakened them, and this is something I'm still working on. It is not easy to learn to filter or select the people to who you can talk about certain topics, or deprive your loved ones from what has changed your life completely...because even though you know that these changes can also help them, there must be receptivity, which is absent if they are still with their eyes closed. And this is not at all about being better or superior to the rest (if it was like that I wouldn't be interested in sharing the experience), you just have to understand that some are ready earlier than others, which means you found something before them, and then you want to share...unlike those who discover something but keep it to themselves, reason why the world is not going forward. It's as simple as thinking about the reason why so many institutions keep so many secrets from the rest of humanity....thank God that there are brave people who risk their lives to reveal those secrets to the world, opening the eyes of some.

A key part in this process is to be tolerant. Learn to respect nature in which we live and of which we are part, as well as other animals, because yes, we are also animals, we're just a different species. By being able to respect and accept others as members of this life, we can live without selfishness, without negative competition, without discrimination. You learn to LOVE the rest, and by "rest" I mean every single inhabitant of this planet, and why not, from the universe and other planets....because you can love what you do not know... it is simply about accepting it for what it is. When you accept yourself and love yourself with all your flaws and virtues, that's when you realize and recognize these flaws and learn to work with them, to get them out of your life. But in order to change you must accept who you are at that moment, and then it's up to you what things you want to change, and believe me, you will not want to stop the internal evolution. When you already understand that you are a complement of everything around us, that's when you learn the meaning of respect for the existence and other's life, of all the kingdoms that mean life. Just think for a couple minutes (or research if you prefer) how would the world be without the mineral kingdom, without the fungi kingdom...would there be life without the trees that provide us with oxygen? Would we be so happy without animals around us?

I mention it again because it is another of the keys to this process, MEDITATION. It's just taking the time to connect with our Inner Self, the Universe, Nature, with the Creator. Listen, let go, feel our needs, get the answers to the questions we ask in our lives, the paths to follow to change what we believe necessary...everything can be accomplish like seems unbelievable. Just today, September 21, 2014, there is a Global Meditation for World Peace (, and a couple of years ago I would not have consider doing this at all, I would have said that is nonsense, these things do not work...and after a while I began to think differently and say, what do I have to lose by trying? If it works, we move even closer to the goal of changing the world, and if this fails, well, I just used my time meditating and getting a moment of peace, relaxation and tranquility in my life ;). The mere fact of doing meditation is already changing the world, because it is already bringing peace and love to many lives, which before doing it, were occupying that moment doing something that did not provide the same.

Explore and discover yourself, inside and outside...there's nothing coming from ourselves that we should be afraid of. What change us is the surroundings, and that's why you need to know how to choose the place where you want to be, and the people you want live your life with, as long as we have the opportunity to choose. For those souls who have no choice (like all those children who have to live in countries at war), the task is much more difficult, because that inner peace is to be achieved between death and daily suffering, where they really do not know if there will be a tomorrow or not ... stupid wars caused by selfishness and greed.
YOU are more than that!!
YOU are the needed evolution!!
Let's CHANGE the World!!!
The change is NOW, not tomorrow !!!
The change is YOU, not the rest !!

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