Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tears From The Soul

Our tears, always necessary and liberating ... hidden by some just because of shame, by creating a shield and try to show the "strong" side, confusing sensitivity with weakness ... they do not know what they are missing, those who never shed tears. It is such a natural process in the human being, (and I'm really not sure if it is in other species of animals too) that I don't understand why it is sometimes trapped within us, when their release means no more than one of the most beautiful expressions of feelings, whether they are of grief, sorrow, joy, emotion, excitement, etc.... it really shows the importance of that feeling for us, it is a cleaning process, and also with our tears we let out those feelings that I mentioned, as rivers carrying leaves shed by trees in the fall... crying trees ... 

The pain and grief have many reasons to be .... disappointment, frustration, detachment, loss, among others. Many times, those who do not cry for fear of being seen, or because they were never taught or encouraged to show their feelings in the past, (some were even taught that it was wrong to show many feelings because it's an index of weakness...ridiculous), unfortunately keep all that inside of them, when all that it wants is to be expressed, and by not doing it those feelings are lost .... like song private from audience, a poem private from readers, an "I love you" private to be heard, a kiss private from other lips. If we want to overcome that pain, crying helps a lot, no matter how much you do it, the idea is not to block the tears, let them flow as rain falls over the land and oceans, renovating and creating new forms of life that we admire so much...the natural process of creation. 

The joy and excitement should also be released, expressed. Although the most common way is through laughter, tears can also be very powerful ... sometimes they are both connected. Many people laugh at times when others cry, just to hide their tears of joy ... Joy is a gift from the Universe to our being, regardless of who is the direct postman delivering it ... it is delivered to us to help in the understanding that everything has its reward, that everything has a solution in life, nothing is impossible and everything is better with a smile and sometimes a single tear ... do not deprive yourself of those gifts, because they are just for you. Learn how to receive them, to appreciate them ... the gift of life, our close circle of people, our health, the gift of waking up every morning just to breathe, and sometimes to see the stars and moon before closing your eyes .... others are lucky enough to receive and give a kiss on each of those moments, drying some tears, or just contemplate them in their journey, showing how much I mean to you ... 

Dedicated to all those who have shed tears and still do, regardless of the reason ... and those who have not do it, just try it ... as I said several times, nothing coming from yourself is worthy to be feared.

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