Saturday, October 18, 2014


Cluster of twinkling starts, big, bright, deep, fell in your eyes, like who randomly sow seed flowers, without knowing where each one is, but with the assurance that something beautiful will sprout.

Really glow strongly inside its darkness, protect your constellations, like a roof from rain and wind. Butterfly wings allowing a flight of life, slips the rain, covered by dew, beautiful black eyelashes.

Inhale all the tender, eliminate what harms you. Capture the most sincere essences that only you know where they exist, and they fill you with purity, tranquility, peace. Everything is white, that’s how it feels…white purity that gives you life. Cute little nose, my nose.

So thirsty for affection, the coming water can be heard. Comes out in droves, to lubricate your lips, your soft tongue...your mouth, origin of nervous, trembling words, perfect engineering of your wonderful not hide it, do not lose it.

They fear losing consciousness, stop being receptive to the language of friendship, of love. Like roots absorbing the raindrops, to then distribute them to the whole plant, they take words and direct them to the heart. Innocent ears that strongly hold on to those phrases that you love...that makes you fall in love.

Irresistible to the touch and taste, to mouth and fingers. A must stop on the highways of your body...infinite moments, sedative hypnosis. Union of your poles, the cutest ends. I promise you indescribable sensations…you will see the reflection of the word passion, as my lips brush against your neck.

Night deeply longed, in which caresses invade us, with no more choice but to be defeated, and helpless and naked, surrender to the feeling that slowly destroys the barriers of your skin...smooth skin. Shivers on your shoulders, when I softly draw, with my fingertips its contour...

Always reach me with your little hands, because I won’t let them go...but maybe I will, only to cover you in an embrace that envelops you completely...and that makes you believe that your feet have already left the earth...even if it is for an instant. You remember the most beautiful way to hold hands in the infinite distance, and look at each other without seeing each other...but that's from another story.

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