Friday, January 24, 2014

Definition of Indigo Souls

"A new type of person is coming into incarnation right now, almost a "next step" as humanity progresses. These people hold great hope for the future-the promise of a new humanity and civilization. They carry different energies, paradigms, and ways of thinking and feeling. These new people are called "Indigo Souls" because clairvoyants notice that the color indigo is unusually prominent in their aura. Indigo is the color of the third eye; these souls have a high degree of activity in their third eye center. During the years we have come across thousands of Indigo Souls. Most of them are already adults, but very few know they are Indigo or understand their soul nature. Many are struggling because they are different. They have a depth of feeling and thinking that differs from those around them. They have powerful internal forces of energy, intelligence, and feelings that they often don't understand, and consequently find difficult to manage. They are unusually sensitive, making them more easily disturbed by things that don't bother others. They carry aspirations and visions that make them long for something more, and be dissatisfied with the world as it is. They often feel limited and  frustrated  by what is considered the "normal world".

If this description speaks to you, then you are probably an  Indigo Soul.

Again, this is my abstract from the "Preface" of the book "Indigo Adults" by Kabir Jaffe & Ritama Davidson

ps: my comments (Rhoderick) are going to be in blue cursive...