Friday, January 24, 2014

What are Indigo Souls?

", the Arian Age (the age that came before Pisces, approximately 2160 BC-0) was characterized by the sign Aries and the planet Mars. Aries carries the energies of assertion, initiation, expansion, will, and war. It is associated with and stimulates some of the qualities of the first or base chakra-aggression-and some of the qualities of the third or solar plexus chakra-domination, power, and conquest. (The word chakra comes from Sanskrit and is used to refer to one of the seven energy centers within the human energy system). The Arian Age was an age of empire, war, and expansion. It was dominated by Mars, the god of war, and the symbol for male virility. The development of the Roman Kingdom (753 BC) exemplifies the energies of this period.

We are most familiar with the Piscean energies of the last 2000 years, as our current civilization and psyche are still so highly influenced by them. The birth of Christianity is the "event" that ushered in the Piscean Age and has colored this past 2000 years. The symbol of the sign Pisces is the fish. The two tails of the fish were the early symbol of Christianity. And the Christ, suffering for humanity on the cross, is a powerful symbol of the Piscean themes of sacrifice, suffering, redemption and transcendence.

Pisces is a water sign. Water is the element of feelings and emotions. Pisces is connected to religion and spirituality (operating  through the seventh or crown chakra), the basic emotions connected to family and to our inner child (the second or sacral chakra), and the heart, connected with love and compassion (the fourth or heart chakra). The result of the Piscean influence has been to turn the focus of humanity toward love, spirituality, and the "other world" in an emotional and innocent, or childlike, way.

The emotional nature of Pisces has created an emotional/devotional approach to spirit. It has emphasized feeling-based communion and the attitudes of belief and faith, rather than understanding. It is a sign of service and sacrifice, and of compassion and forgiveness, keynotes of the Christian era. But Pisces is also a sign of self-denial and personal condemnation, in which suffering is seen as a way to cleanse our soul, and our personal joy in this life should be sacrificed for eternal happiness in the afterworld..."

The Energies of Aquarius

"At this moment we are in the meeting point of Pisces and Aquarius. The energies of Aquarius are starting to penetrate the Earth, though the Piscean energies are still the dominant "note". This is for two reasons; first, we still exist in the Piscean structure of civilization, which has been built over the last 2000 years, and second, the Piscean energies, though waning, are still flowing on to the Earth.

At the same time, we have a steadily increasing inflow of energies from Aquarius, bringing new paradigms, ways of thought, feelings, and behaviors. Aquarius is bringing freedom, progressiveness, individuality, intellectual understanding, and group consciousness. 

Aquarius is an air sign. Air is the element of the mind. Aquarius works primarily through the third eye (the sixth chakra) at the center of the forehead. This chakra has to do with two levels of our intelligence; the analytic mind and the intuition. 

The stimulation of the third eye and the mind creates a fundamentally different psychology in the Aquarian person, a psychology based upon an increased activity of the mind. We have a new level of intellectual activity, and one of its most potent manifestations is our desire to understand. Our minds are questing. We want to know (this completely describes me). We approach life not only with feeling but also with the mind. We don't believe because someone tell us to (also me); we want information, facts, reasons, and proof (so me). And we want the freedom to make our own decisions.

The third eye has two aspects, referred to as "petals". The lower petal holds the analytical mind, with its faculty of intelligent thought and reasoning. The upper petal holds what is commonly called the intuition. We use the word intuition in a particular way; it refers to another sense apparatus that gives us the ability to tune to a subtle world of energy, thought, and feeling.

This type of intuition it's connected to a higher mental capacity that has to do with Beingness ans the Soul. It's from here that insight comes, often as an unexpected flash of clarity or illumination, and from here that genius draws its inspiration.

Another facet of this intuitive capacity is the ability to self-reflect (I don't really get this one). It is through the upper petal of the third eye that we can examine our own thought and feelings. It's the ability to look deeper into our feelings. to sense the subtle nuances, and to understand our deeper psychological motivations. We can trace what appears to be a momentary feeling back in time to our past, to our childhood upbringing, perhaps even further. We can see how this feeling or pattern may have been passed down to us from our grandparents or our great-grandparents, or perhaps even from previous incarnations. This ability is a new type of thinking that has only recently emerged on a widespread level.

Another aspect of the upper petal is the need to find higher meaning and significance. We live for values and purpose. It is the inflowing energies of Aquarius and their stimulation of the upper petal of the third eye that is one of the primary forces creating what is commonly called the New Age movement.

The Indigo Soul Group

Each astrological age brings in not only the energies of that sign, but also brings in a specific group of souls. The Aquarian soul group first began to incarnate in the 1700s. They incarnated into a Piscean culture and civilization, carrying new ideas and energies that were very different than what was then the norm. In a sense these individuals seeded the Piscean culture with Aquarian energies. They had the toughest job of "breaking the ice" and bringing in the first of new energies. They have ushered in the Industrial Revolution, electricity, scientific thought, and the new ideals of liberty and freedom.

We exist in the cusp period between  two ages. On the one hand we have the Piscean Age, which has externalized and crystallized an entire civilization with its intuitions, religions, organizations, cultures, and ways of being. And on the other hand, we have the incoming Aquarian energies and the corresponding soul group, what we are calling Indigo, coming into incarnation in greater and greater numbers and gradually unfolding what will in time become the next culture and civilization.  

It was only recently (the past 10 years or so, this book was published 2009) that the Indigo phenomena gained public attention. It began because schools and parents were noticing a growing number of children who were "different". These kids were highly individual, rebellious, and very intelligent, and didn't fit the established school system. They had unusually fast minds that moved at a different pace than that of "normal" (in the future I'll post about "what's consider normal in today's society") kids (the attention deficit disorder syndrome). They had a different spirit, way of relating, and sense of who they were.

In our seminars (of the authors of this book) we realized that there were already a very large number of Indigo Souls in incarnation who were already adults. Most had grown up invisibly-meaning nobody had noticed they were different. Most of these adults (and most Indigo Children too) were bright, but didn't have the exceptional psychic gifts that are commonly associated with Indigos. And because they didn't stand out as exceptionally gifted individuals, they tended to go unnoticed.

Many of this adults knew they were different, but they didn't know why, what it meant, how to handle it, or what they were supposed to do with it. Many of them had suffered a great deal because of this; they felt different, separate, alone, and misunderstood. Many of them felt there was something wrong with them because they didn't fit, with the resultant feelings of inferiority, self-judgement, and so forth.

Indigo Adults have incarnated into the denser vibrations of the Piscean Age and have been breaking the ground and planting the first seeds of the Aquarian civilization. They have incarnated into an environment that does not support them and, in many ways, actively tries to shut them down. They have grown up in families and been educated by school systems that have conditioned them with the Piscean ways and not supported the Aquarian/Indigo spirit hidden within them. The result is that many of them have become-in their outer personality and ways of thinking, feeling, and behaving-primarily Piscean, with only a small level of the Indigo energies showing. Yet they carry a deeper Indigo spirit underneath.

Some of the Indigo Children today, many of whom have been born to Indigo Parents, are more integrated, being Indigo Souls with Indigo personality structures. They can express more of their Aquarian nature. And these children are still only an early step. As the outer society becomes more Aquarian it will allow more of the Indigo nature to express. We have only just begun to see the qualities of these new souls.

Some other day another extract...(I'll try to contact the authors so I don't get into trouble for using their book on my blog).