Friday, January 31, 2014

Those younger siblings

Being away from home, being away from my pets, my little brothers, dogs, cats, horses and even chickens (even when they are not very affectionate, for now at least)...I miss them. And because the fact of living with them every day (when I was home), communicate with animals, you don't feel judged, and you don't judge them either, (because you would have to be a little crazy to judge a little one), you feel supported all the time, they're always therefor you no matter what, you feel the affection without having to ask for it, at any time, even if you do not devote much time to them and do not give them much love (of course this is not ideal at all), they are always there...they see it as their duty. 

To give affection to his owner, to humans in general even if they don't know them, whether badly treated...which is sad to see, how some people treat animals...others don't even try, they completely ignore them. I think that in the last case, it is better to acknowledge that one does not have time or simply do not want to be responsible for an animal, because until today there are still many people that knowing they can not be responsible they have animals in the worst conditions, hungry, without a shelter, without a blanket or bed, and often physically and psychologically abused for no reason at all (there should never be a reason to hit a pet, we are supposed to be smarter than that).

A few days ago, I watched the movie "Hachiko" and I was very nostalgic, started remembering my little ones, Hachiko didn't know his owner/friend had died, so he waited for him to come back, for 9 years...until he died. As I said, the first duty of a pet (apparently) is to accompany his human friend... will they understand that they are not always the priority for us, and that people often (not always) come before them in our lives? And if they do not understand this, why do they always remain as faithful and stay with us regardless of the circumstances? Why is it that we can not be like them? not judge, just love others, without race, sex or ideology discrimination, if we are all the same deep inside, while we are unique individuals ...

We have so much to learn from the animals, and they have so little to learn from us... how weird is that "human is the most evolved animal"...often the advantage is not very noticeable...I wish them to receive a lot of affection, if not always, at least once in their lives, although they deserve it always, but them, with a little affection, even distant, just that it's enough for them to wag their tails, and make our day, make our life happier... please love them, like your younger siblings, or your children (for those who do not have them) ...

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