Wednesday, August 20, 2014

The Gift Of Destiny

Is the wait over? Could it be that the universe has presented me a new giftLike a kid with a new toy, to see the joy, impression, smile on his face...thousands of emotions and new sensations...some others not new, but that were hidden in the depths of my deep that I already believed nonexistent, missing, lost. But there they were, the old and the new, and only now I knew when you woke them up... I must say that those emotions I called old, for feeling them before in the past, are much more intense this time, which sometimes makes me believe that they are different feelings...I think it's on another level.

Up to this point in my life I have felt and lived several experiences...maybe not more than my parents, but I can say that by giving my whole being in each one of them, that makes them very intense, that makes me say I tried my utmost, I did not give up, until that time when I decided not to feel more hurt...I decided to think about me. And for many years I thought those feelings were dead, killed by those past relationships in which they were the hope of making life better. During those years, I watched them from afar, in other people, in other couples, in movies, in books...they were hidden in me, and I thought I'd never feel them again, but deep in my heart I was still asking.
So, I started the process of personal growth, self-esteem, self-respect, love teach by example we first have to heal ourselves, and that is what I tried to do, and I am still trying. Looking at the past, it is so much what I have changed in my life. Both what I have rejected and the new that I'm still integrating. I must say I'm not afraid to change, not afraid to life, because living in fear is not living, is living dead....and I chose not to be a zombie (which today are followed as a trend). Crucial in the process is the role of  nature, animals, meditation, yoga, healthy eating, and that special connection with the celestial bodies that brought us unto the world in the beginning, as a gift to our parents in this life, and as a gift to who knows who in our previous lives. Nothing else is needed but that connection...everything else, no matter how wonderful it is, is automatically attracted, like dreams to music, the feeling of flying when you are in my lips to yours...

And that's how I found you or you found me...the universe brought us together. And it was written in our books, at least in this life, and who knows if also in some past life, because that feeling of knowing a person from somewhere else, without having very clear and vivid memories, that feeling is not our imagination, and unfortunately is often overlooked by some who do not know what they want in life, those who do not know themselves (I stole that from you). How to explain that incredible feeling of comfort, confidence, the need to talk, see you, touch you, be next to each other... fall in love with our madness, to live together for the rest we have, raise a family, feel each other, love each other...being us. I call it destiny, the plan that the Universe have for us both. And these stories exist, but they are scarce, and you can just feel it... as is happening now.

One can feel very comfortable with a person, care and want her/him very much, even feel love, and yet slightly feel that there's something missing...and that something is often ignored, and you just decide go ahead without feeling completely full, thinking that nothing is perfect, and that you can make it work (by forcing it)...but it can be perfect if you want it, if you attract it. And if for a moment those higher energies decide to unite us, decide that it's already time for us to find such happiness, after many turns in our lives that left us with experiences, left us with the urge of wanting something are my something else... and I hope to be yours.
This is just the beginning of our story... hopefully to become the best-selling book, the most inspiring quotes...because something as wonderful and amazing as what is "shaking our ground" these days, must not be hidden from the rest of the world. Beauty should be shared and is always appreciated... it gives hope to those who yearn for a change, and who believe that the stories of the fairy tales stories can actually exist. They exist in the world we are both creating, a world to which very few have access to right now,  world where you see with your heart and not with the eyes, where we walk next to the angels every evening, holding hands...and lying on the prairie of the stars, I tenderly touch your pretty face, steal the smell of your long hair, and go to sleep with that goodnight kiss, reminding us that dreams can be real...and that is exactly what we are beginning to live.
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