Monday, September 1, 2014

Apprentices And Masters

I already wrote it before somewhere, but for those who did not read it, ignored it, or didn't understand it, here goes a little reminder; close your eyes, clear your mind from all thoughts and ideas, focus only on a deep breathing, and let the mind fly...

Sometimes we need to fall to stand up and try to get higher, suffer in order to learn how to love, make mistakes to be better, be quiet to listen, go through defeats to taste the glory, have lived in our hell to desire our paradise, confront fears to overcome them, and these all can be resumed in self-growth and self-improvement. Whatever is the situation that brought us to a the point where we believe everything is lost, when we feel lots of pain, when we think that our life is not at all complete, all those moments we must take to listen to our "inner self”, our mind, our feelings, our body... learn to know, to love, and to respect ourselves... that´s the only way we'll get to accept and love ourselves completely (it took me a while to get to that point, thank you for reminding me...Charly Brown).

We came into this world alone... Yes, it is clear that we came from our mother’s belly, and that there is a father too, as well as a Supreme Creator who put us in this place. I mean that we are the only ones that fully know what we feel and want in life... which is the best food for our body, the best books or documentaries for our minds, the best conversations that will mark our lives as well as the people we want to be a part of it. And here is where I want to stop a bit. Many people say "you can choose your friends but not your family", and you can actually choose who to spend your life with. The fact that family is united by blood doesn’t really mean that you have to like them all….You could have relatives that you don’t even know, and some other that you don’t even want to be a part of your life. …if they are not good for me, then why keep up with them??? I could smile at them, but I just can’t be a hypocrite, and I don’t need to get along with everybody, and that involves relatives (ONLY I choose how and who to live my life with, no one else, unless I let them). So I have my parents and sister who are my close family (and I love very much), but then it will be my beloved wife and my son (maybe a daughter too). If one aspires to have a full and happy life (which is very different from conformity), there is no reason to keep within your circle, people (independent of whether they are relatives, friends, or couples) that only brings negative energy to your life, and that are there just to criticize you or watch you make a mistake (and say “I told you so”), and not to support and complement your life (envy is a strong word, but is very common between family members, bitterness and envy of success and accomplishments in life). To me, respect has no levels, and does not change depending on the person that you have in front... and many people confuse this with condescension and ridiculous to believe that you are better than everybody else... and if you really are more awake, then the idea is to help those who still aren't...that’s the only way of accomplishing the evolution of the species. Family, friends, couples... are all people in your life, and based on that you can give them the key to enter, or you can decide to exclude them completely... I let out all the bad... Finally I realized that it is the key to the full and personal happiness.

When you get to feel that fullness, that calm, that joy, then is when your vibrations change, they level up, and you get to a different frequency... where it can be true that you can see others from above, without the desire of ignore or look down on them (as it happens with arrogance), but with the desire to help them, give them a hand and teach them the way to reach the frequency in which you are now together with many others who earlier gave a hand to you. Why be selfish and not share with the rest that thing that causes you so much happiness? If the rest do not want to take it, well that is another story, and perhaps their time will come later when they alone realize it, or someone more significant in their lives show them that way, but the idea is to share it, not to keep it secret. Tolerance and humility are powerful tools in the process of teaching and learning. There is always someone more advanced than you, teachers and guides, or whatever they want to call them, which does not mean that we cannot get to that same level...At the end is what one aspire to, whenever we take classes of anything, yoga, painting, singing, art, sports, even at work... learn from the best to become the best or just better, and then spread that knowledge with those who do not have the same chance to take those classes, but that can teach us a lot about values and simplicity.

Don't be afraid to be alone, because that time of solitude is the way to learn about yourself, learn to love yourself, discover thousands of things that we didn't know, change as a person... all this can be discover by meditating. To be independent has millions of advantages, but I would mention that in some other writing. It is very different to be alone by choice, it is so different to be able to be alone and be happy. When that moment arrives is when we really are prepared to help the rest, we can find a partner that is our full complement, perfect complement…not those mediocre ones that you would try to change, and would be always thinking "I wish he/she was different". For those who are in a situation, in which you constantly think about changing your partner or your friends, JUST DO IT!!! (Can’t be any more emphatic here, nothing is stopping you but yourselves). You can always start from scratch, that is listening to yourself and following your instincts... you can have what you really want in your life, the idea is that those desires are in sync with the body, mind and soul, because if they’re not, you would just generate confusion. You project what you want for yourself, and if there is confusion, that's what you will attract...don't complain after. Learn how to be alone and to love yourselves. Friendship is not to be requested or begged, and love is not to be created or does not have to be complicated or difficult, please do not confuse it with a mediocre relationship, in which many just stay with someone because they fear of being alone...they don’t know what they miss. If you are able to be happy with yourself, then each person you choose to include in your life is a plus, an add-on, and if for some reason this person is no longer there at a certain point, your happiness will remain with you, intact like before finding that person. Many people are passengers in the trains of our lives, but each and every one of them teach us something, which we often simply don’t notice. To meet someone just for a day can change our lives completely... open your eyes and be receptive... listen.

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