Saturday, January 17, 2015

In The Spirit Forest

Rebellious thoughts escaping from my mouth, fugitive words undertaking that journey towards your ears, with the clear objective to hunt down your heartbeats...for moments, to be the cause of the pace change in these beats, so special and unique when you're in love.

Shine your charms when you stare at me, eternal executioners of my spontaneous smiles, which are simply the expression of what you make my heart feel...this time without words, just with looks is enough to get my attention and make me tremble.

Penetrating imposing intensity, which dominate and carry us to our secret corner, private, intimate...thanks for giving me the keys. And you say you'd let yourself fall just by being sure to be contained by that arms are already alert and ready to catch you in any fall.

Nebulae that we don't see, though we feel its presence, its evening dews moisturizing our pores, transparent portals of emotions, signs that show us that never ends...let’s not let it to decay.

Knights with superficial radars, that have seen you without really knowing what they have in front of them, until lose you from sight…the eternal problem of seeing with eyes and not with feelings. I already feel you with my eyes closed, I already fall in love by feeling your open my eyes and see you physically, it's nothing more than just the perfect drawing of pioneer sensations.

This time life rewards us both, after a long walked journey, not of search but of teaching and learning. Now it is perfectly clear the reflection of our singings, and now we know who the performers that delight the audience are.

Silences passengers of harmonious trains, those that are not as many in these times, those from which our parents would have more memories, those beautiful times. I take and treasure them in the trunk of my reliefs, because they will be the commanders who appease my storms.

Here I'll be waiting in the spirit forest, surrounded by stories told by those leaves let dropped by the autumn...they already had their chance. And they're still dancing, the curious white spheres, perhaps predicting your arrival to finally keep me company... I wait
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