Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Girl Who Woke Me Up

I remember it was a Saturday morning, probably around 9 am, so very early if you consider we went to the bar the night before and didn't go to sleep until 5 am. So there you were, your beautiful brown eyes, so close to mine, I could breathe your smell, almost hear your heartbeats, and I was so sleepy, I thought I was actually dreaming, and just keep looking at you like I was hypnotized. I think you were touching my face very softly, because I remember seeing your hands moving away when I opened my eyes. I knew you were talking to me, because I saw your lips moving, but I was just looking at them, hoping that the moment never go away, hoping that this dream would last a little longer…to this day, this has been my best awakening. 

Finally you left, disappear from what at that moment I thought was a dream, and I went back to sleep. When I finally woke up, I went looking for you, you were not in your room, your things were not there either, where were you? ...so I asked some of your friends, and they told me you left. They told me you came to say goodbye early in the morning but I was half asleep and I didn't realize what was going on…you were gone…I didn't know for how long, and that day I knew.

The next 2 weeks were so strange. There was this new feeling, that just started when you were gone, all because your face was the first thing that I saw when I half woke up that morning. Every morning after that I was hoping to see you there again. Sometimes I didn't even open my eyes hoping that I could just feel your fingers touching my face, or maybe breathe your smell again…but it never happened…you were gone…It's not even 10 days and I miss you too much, like I'm not complete without you here...

The 2 weeks were over, and you came back. I was so excited to finally understand if that feeling was just a thing, or it was something real, and this was the best way to know...It was not the first time I liked someone, but there was something different, maybe it was the different culture, the excitement of experiencing this away from home, where everything was more intense. All the feelings are felt stronger, emotions adding up...who knows if now we can disappear together for a moment, and go to that place where we were so many times before, but not having these feelings. I promise I'll hold you close, let's fly for a while...

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