Tuesday, July 8, 2014

The Second Life

Not so easy to put my words, rather feelings in English when my mother tongue is Spanish. Especially if every time I write I do it with what is flowing in the moment, and never check on anything after I finish writing it. In this case it will have to be different, since the intention is to be understood as good as possible, so I probably wrote this in Spanish and then translated it into English, just for you (even though there's a translator tool on the right bar of the website, which can still be used for Spanish speakers that don't speak English).

Days ago I wanted to start with a topic perhaps not as gentle or neutral, but always interesting, and discussed for many generations until today, no age differences. Obviously there are some who do not even discuss it because they are sure of what happens to us when the lights go out. I respect all beliefs, I may find some of them ridiculous, but I respect them anyway, I mean I do not make fun of it (at least not out loud). The end, lights out, game over, transit, passing, second life (which I prefer), or simply death.

I think we are where we are fulfilling our role (whatever that is), taking up space, and living within a container (like a milk carton), which we call body. When the body finishes oxidize, then it's time to move to another state. All the organic compounds decompose over time, and the oxygen that gives us life on Earth, is the same that will eventually oxidize us... the best example is cutting a fruit and see how it turns brown. Same thing with our container, with the only difference that it happens in a less immediate period of time, or at least changes are not notice that easily.

Quoting Antoine Lavoisier, matter cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed, and then why us human beings should be different from the rest? That we evolved from the apes, Adam and Eve, extraterrestrial genetic engineering (which makes more sense to me), or who knows how many more theories. Why not all of them together?

It is true that the pain of losing a loved one will always be a very strong feeling, which is part of what makes us humans. But if you understand that death is just a door opening, a going to the next level, a promotion, rather than THE END, people could be glad that you are leaving this body and this world to go and explore whatever is next. I prefer to see it as a promotion, just going somewhere else, starting a new life, hopefully better than this one. This is why I try to explain and let my closest people know what I really don't want after I leave this place, at least in a material way. No funeral (or at least not a sad one), no coffin, no cemetery, tears are perhaps inevitable (the way I see it, they cry not because you left, but because they cannot go with you), but any ritual or ceremony they don't go with me at all. I decided not to belong to any religious group and just go by what life has taught me and showed me, which does not mean that I do not believe in anything, because it's probably the complete opposite (I believe in everything there is, all merged together, coming from the same root, but diverged into different branches, which is what groups created...men), and I do have several spiritual connections, experiences, or whatever you want to call it, but that's for another post cause it's super extensive, and also is not so easy to explain if I don't really know who is reading this, being realistic I hope that there's someone reading this (haha).

I try to explain to my mom that when that moment comes, she should take it as "see you later or talk some other time" (in Spanish or she'd probably won't know what I'm saying) because that’s what it is for me. For this reason is that I also try to live my life without fear, do not misunderstand this, I keep having fears, but I try not to live with them. Sometimes before trying something scary I say, "the worst that can happen is that I die", and because I am so sure that it does not end there, it's simply a going forward. Think of all extreme athletes, those who live life knowing they can die in a second, but the mere fact of wanting to feel the adrenaline keeps them going. And if you have ever had a near death experience, it only makes you have a different perspective of life and things after that, usually it´s for the best (ps: I don't do any extreme sports, maybe someday, not afraid to try though, just haven't felt the calling, and I'm too lazy too, and scared, ha).

And if some people are so conscious that death will come along, what is the idea of complaining about the life they're living, without doing shit (sorry my Spanish) to change? when I hear people say "I cannot quit my job" or "I cannot leave my wife/husband (not promoting divorces but sometimes I think is better)" or "I cannot move to another country", "I cannot change my life now", all those "cannot" are more a "do not want to". For those who believe that the road has an end, well, start changing your life if you're are unhappy with it or just want to improve it... dare, live, enjoy the details, you never know when this part of the trip is going to be over, and if you return, it will be with another consciousness, to start again, to live a second life, hopefully not on the same Earth...
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