Sunday, August 10, 2014

The Way Back

Unknown subtle bodies, minds connected to levels longed for a few, those few aware of the existence of that life... maybe is not necessary to say "good life" or "better life" or "healthy life", just life, because I don't think the rest should take that name, existence is more appropriate as you can exist without having a life, but there is no life without existence. That enlightenment, peace, clarity, purity and tranquility that some have already known, that what they awake aspire to, the open minds, free spirits, souls of the wind, used to fly and get lost in the moment, enjoy every second, catch every particle of life around us, absorb that light energy, food for the soul...

Teaching is the key to our evolution, but also very important is the self learning. This awakening of curiosity, thirst and hunger for more information, not keep the first impressions or speeches, even if whole nation reveres that speaker as the most brilliant mind and soul that exists at that time... never stop believing in your own feelings, listen to the hunches, pay attention to the body and mind when it speaks to you.... no one knows you better than yourself, and I know there are many who still don't know, and who are lost in practices that doesn't fill the body, mind and spirit.... and I know because I was there too, with which I do not mean that I am now in that longed enlightened level, I simply want to say that I already realized that the level is real, and that level is where I want to get, and I get closer every day.

Many of us did not have that kind of teaching, especially the older generations including mine, there are still residues of the era in which "we are all born sinners," and we must amend our lives to service, to reach those levels... something that many see incredibly far, and only available for a few... that's the thought of the last era in which millions are still living without opening his eyes, not able to stop thinking that they don't have to please anyone to amend their lives, only yourself... and for that you don't need a religious group, or the idolatry of "earthly gods" also known as priests, clerics, popes, pastors, which claim to be messengers (not saying it's a lie) sent to guide the sheep... to guide the sheep I can share and maybe understand, and there's nothing wrong with (in contrast, is something that many would have liked to have) sharing the knowledge and sow the seeds of consciousness to awaken the thirst and hunger of knowing oneself and self healing. But, I don't agree at all with those practices where brainwashing is so common by those "leaders" who sow the seeds but restrict their development, they make it depend on many requirements that the sheep must follow to belong to the group, and so be saved from all their sins, and you can never be brighter or more enlightened than the teacher, because in their eyes, they are the ones who have that privilege. Luckily, several already realize that they are not needed, and that this celestial communication, out of this world, or alien (outside the Earth), it's something that can be obtained in an individual, intimate and personal way, and then share with other peers, and begin to awake the sleeping zombies, start opening new eyes. And is not about thinking we are better than the rest, is about not to been selfish and share something that others do not see, as well as other ascended beings share their knowledge with us. 

How to do it? Focus the energy on loving yourself, healing yourself, cleanse the physical, mental, etheric and astral body. Meditation is my preferred way of healing and enlightenment, along with yoga, with which the physical body also clean itself. And you do all this together with a healthy diet, which I will leave to the discretion of each. If you do not know well at the moment if you are feeding yourself correctlymeditation will let you know... who better than your own mind can communicate with your body and tell you what it needs or what it is superfluous. And meditation is as simple as closing your eyes, clear your mind, and focus on breathing, and then let it flow. Nothing negative can come from there, it's your mind and emotions communicating, and after a while (or for some immediately) it's also higher beings, spiritual teachers, our guides, that are there to show us the way, and they have been waiting for a long time for us to open our eyes and wake up from the "hypnosis" in which we are immersed, hypnosis we sometimes call life. World peace starts with personal peace, and if each person would focus on something as simple as taking the time to meditate, it is not difficult to imagine how different would this world be. We would go to the paradise where we originally coexisted with nonhuman animals (we are animals, but one quite different, and not in the good sense). It was us who created an artificial world within the natural paradise in which we already lived in the times of Lemuria and then Atlantis (investigate for yourself, please do not use Wikipedia for serious topics and for what others want to keep secret).

Sometimes this magnetism between 2 beings is something that does not respect neither geographical distances, nor languages. It simply touches you profoundly, shakes you in such a way that it is not possible to ignore. Much is expected by similar, often unimaginable connections, or idealized only across histories forgotten in time, lost between debris barriers of ignorance and cowardice... the absence of this courage, this value that makes you believe and trust, without knowing what is coming, but only knowing that it is something that it is necessary to pursue. So many signs indicating similarities between parallel paths, which you know at some moment turn into only one physical, mental and emotional union. Especially the last 2 are those that maintain this path in a constant state of growth and permanent development, and it takes such a form, that it is never even considered not for seconds to separate again. The physical path intertwines with the a flutter of wings flying to the infinite, enjoy it as though you never believed possible. There are neither bandages nor hands keeping silent words, to open the physical eyes is no longer necessary, we can see it and feel, we can breathe it and live it... close your eyes, breathe, fly.... You won't want to return to your artificial world.
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